The Unspoken Truth of Climate Crisis

This book may be the first ever to reveal the Global Warming’s catalyst apart from other factors which have already been known. By referring to researches and scientific evidences, and presenting them in a simple way so readers can easily understand.

This truth will not only notify every human on earth, but also to clarify ways to protect, prevent, and survive from this disaster resulted from the Global Warming which dramatically continues to be more severe every single day.

Please read this book with a wide-open mindedness, consider the reasons without any bias, and peruse the scientific explanations with morals in mind. Being born and raised on this planet, this book will make the readers realize and be able to recognize the never-before spoken fact so they can correctly help stop the disasters that have happened to the world. After all, these are all depending on readers’ consideration regarding cause and effect and the results brought to their attentions.