Solution to the Climate Crisis and the Unspoken Truth


From the seminar “Solution to the Climate Crisis and the Unspoken Truth” at the Makkhawan Rangsan Hall, Royal Thai Army Club, Vibhavadi Rangsit Road, on June 15, 2019.

Group Captain Somsak Khaosuwan, Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society, presided over the seminar and gave the opening speech citing the main points that …

“The issue of global warming is for the attention of the world’s population. The world’s society, especially in large countries, pays attention to this issue. Although Thailand is a tiny area on the world map, the campaign of this subject is of paramount importance. May I say that the government has always been considering this matter a priority by taking actions in two dimensions; increasing and decreasing. For the increasing, today, you will probably be informed by the Director General of Royal Forest Department that there is a huge campaign to bring the forest back including reforestation.

… As for the decreasing, you will see that Thailand has a campaign to seriously reduce the use of plastic and increase recycling as well as restricting the use of plastic in the government system. We must have rules to look after the people continuously. There must be some main communication systems in place as we also have to develop and keep up with the world. Digital technology will still be used to keep pace with the global society. But one thing we have to figure out and understand is how to reduce the proceeding environmental impacts. As far as I know. Within a period of not more than 10 years, if the global society has not changed or stopped anything that causes unbalanced conditions to the environment, we will not be able to revive this world back to normal. This is a very concerning issue. In order to campaign until the society become aware of the global warming, we must change ourselves.”

The duo host of the seminar were Khun Kittiphan Sallakanon and Khun Naruta Wachira-amornlert, welcoming all guests to the event and inviting Lieutenant Pitak Tiranakul, Executive Director of KBO Earth to make keynote address to the president, distinguished guests and attendees regarding the history and importance of this seminar. Lieutenant Pitak reported that …

“Today, nobody realizes the global warming problem. The number of people who are aware of the dangers of global warming is still very small. If we ask most people, what should you do to save global warming? Everyone will respond the same way… to use energy cautiously, stop using plastic bags, plant trees. But if we ask further that will you be intentionally doing it? Most people would answer that they did something like this, not that they were not interested in global warming. Just lacking of information, the knowledge and understanding that lead to the realization of a terrible disaster to the world … and this is the reason why KBO Earth was founded.”

After the president finished the opening ceremony citation, the host invited 4 speakers onto the stage, as follows,