KBO Earth’s researchers visited Dr. Kongpop U-yen, a famous NASA scientist.

Today (July 30, 2019) KBO Earth team led by Lieutenant Pitak Tiranakul, Dr. Kanokros Phalakornkul and Mr. Peerapong Chearanai including other researchers of KBO Earth team visited Dr. Kongpop U-yen, a famous NASA scientist in order to discuss and exchange views.Dr. Kongpop also showed many useful researches to KBO Earth, as well as, gave useful guidelines regarding the experiments and researches to KBO Earth team. He also mentioned about the microwave radiation emitting from smartphones results in the heat in human body because there is water inside the body. He called it “hot from inside” which is in line with KBO Earth’s information.

KBO Earth had to admit that we received so much beneficial and concrete knowledge from him. And we would like to take this opportunity to express our thanks to Dr. Kongpop U-yen once again.

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