An event introducing the book “Global Warming Crisis… And the Unspoken Truth


Pictures showing the atmospheres inside an event introducing the book “Global Warming Crisis…And The Unspoken Truth” at Thailand Book Expo 2019 at Queen Sirikit National Convention Center on 3 April, 2019.

The event received a lot of interests from a large number of audiences. Mr. Arithat Denudom and Ms. Atthama Chivanichphan were masters of ceremony, have invited a guest, Lieutenant Pithak Triranakul, a representative of  KBO Earth writers to discuss on the content of the book “Global Warming Crisis…And The Unspoken Truth” revealing the true cause of Global Warming including the up coming seminar “The Way Out of Global Warming Crisis…And The Unspoken Truth”

which will be held on Saturday 15 July, 2019 at the Makkawanrungsun Ballroom, Thai Army Club, Vibhavadi, Bangkok.  The event at the Thailand Book Expo 2019 attracted many visitors, towards the end, there was a Q & A session for them to ask about the book and also participated in sharing their own ideas to help heal the world from the Global Warming.

The book “The Unspoken Truth of Climate Crisis“.  Available at Amazon stores.  The income after deducted the expenses will be contributed to Knowing Buddha Organization on Heal The World campaign.