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Solution to the Climate Crisis and the Unspoken Truth

Please be invited to “The Way Out Of Global Warming Crisis And The Unspoken Truth” seminar on Saturday 15 June, 2019.

An event introducing the book “Global Warming Crisis… And the Unspoken Truth


KBO EARTH has just finished the reforestation for 40 rai


Work in alliance with public and private institutes to conduct research to support the campaign

KBO Earth will work with concerned institutions and organizations to conduct integrated research with credible results to achieve our common objectives and goal: to restore the planet’s ecosystem as much as possible.

Raising alert and awareness among related parties

We will raise an alert and awareness among government offices, digital data service providers such as Facebook Google WhatsApp WeChat, including major organizations like the United Nations (national and international level).

Sending letters to service providers

We will encourage digital data service providers such as Facebook, Google, WhatsApp, WeChat, network operators, foreign embassies such as Embassy of the People’s Republic of China, Embassy of the United States, to campaign for the use of digital data as necessary. It seems to be the conflict of interest. But if they are aware of the situation and become alert, they will cooperate.


Knowledge Sharing on the Link Between Digital Data and Internet at Government Offices and Companies

KBO Earth has organized discussion sessions to share the message and ideas at educational and leading institutions such as the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand, the Royal Police Cadet Academy and many more.

Distribution of Brochures

KBO Earth continues to distribute brochures
to raise awareness about the danger of the
overuse of digital data in various offices
and educational institutes.Each brochure costs around 2 baht. It’s part of KBO Earth’s commitment to achieve our goal.A product of our brain energy, manpower, and
financial resources, this brochure is one of our
best tangible communication tools to reach the
public to show our sincerity and determination
to tackle climate change seriously.