KBO Earth was established by Master Acharavadeein September 2018 under Knowing Buddha Organization.The management team comprises academics in various fields, led by Head of Research Unit Lt. Pitak Tiranakul, an expert in microwave system with more than 30 years of experiences and Dr. Kanokros Phalakornkul, a physicist and chemist at a leading petro-chemical corporation in Thailand.Other team members include scientists, researchers,and experts from various fields such as digital data,microwave system, nuclear technology, IT system, AItechnology, virtual reality technology, environment, social issues, and economy. The organization has more than 500 members who actively support its work.

Based on previous studies, scientists and researchers have concluded that climate change is mainly caused by
plastic waste and greenhouse gases emission particularly carbon dioxide. After studying thousands of academic
literatures and studies, KBO Earth has found a relation between global temperature increase and the rise of digital
data volume.

This leads to a hypothesis that heat current from excessive use of Internet and the accumulation of digital data at exponential rate are accelerating factors in the temperature rise that is now at the critical point.

According to the law of physics, everything in the world is composition of matter and particles. The digital data, which is basically the web of electromagnetic wave or, in this case, microwave, is therefore classed as the type
of energy. One of the characteristics of microwave is that it heats up the surrounding atmosphere during transmission due to the friction between the wave’s molecules and water molecules in the air.

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Master Acharavadee Wongsakon
KBO Earth Founder & President

        Master Acharavadee Wongsakon was born in 1965. She was a jewelry designer and highly successful businesswoman with achievement awards. In 2009, she gave up her business and became a Dhamma teacher and Vipassana Meditation Master, opening the School of Life foundation with her own money to teach Dhamma to children and teenagers free of charge. In 2012, she founded Knowing Buddha Organization in order to rectify widespread disrespecting acts on the Buddha images and symbols of Buddhism.
        Six years later, she established KBO Earth with an aim to help tackle the climate change problem which has affected millions of lives across the world more severely and frequently in the last decade.



We aim to make the public aware of the following truth:
“Digital data is the new culprit that accelerates global warming”



We work closely with the government and the private
sector that support this proposition in order to bring about
public understanding and behavioral change in digital data
consumption through concrete actions.


Currently, global warming has been more severe and become a crisis, resulting in erratic climate situation with multiple intense and frequent natural disasters across the world. For example, a deadly tornado struck Liaoning province in northeastern China just recently which rarely happens in the area or a mighty hailstorm hit a city in Mexico in the summertime. Many scientists and researchers have confirmed that if the average global temperature is increased by 1.5 – 2°C, all beings, both on land and in water, will be seriously affected – they will not be able to live a normal life. This announcement is an eye opener for the global community on the global warming issue.

However, when addressing the causes of global warming, most people think of plastic and greenhouse gases. In fact, they are not only the causes of the problem. If you recall, plastic has been used for more than 100 years ago and the global temperature has been increased gradually, while greenhouse gases emission has occurred for decades and has escalated global temperature to another extended level. Yet, after the world enters the digital era, especially withthewidely use of the internet around the globe, it is observed that the global temperature has been increased at a remarkable rate, resulting in more dramatically severe global warming situation.

"The KBO Earth’s campaign, stating that the internet and digital data are accelerators of global warming, has been initiated from the observation of the President of the organization. It has led to fact-finding process through gathering and studying articles and academic researches from international sources, including scientific evidences. Before the campaign was launched to public, KBO Earth team members had carefully spent more than seven months in scrutinizing and analyzing the studies and related information until they found the terrifying truth regarding the overuse of the internet and accumulation of digital data."


To whatever degree the overuse of internet and accumulation of digital data are affecting the global warming, it is quite certain that both have negative consequences to the world climate. This can be preliminarily proved without setting up any official study. Smartphone users should have experienced when they use their devices for a certain period of time – the devices will be heated. With the total global population of 7.71 billion using approximately 8.97 billion communication devices at the same time, each device continues to generate heat wave at all times, both indoor and outdoor. For this reason, there is tremendous amount of heat wave spreading to the atmosphere under the condition where the Earth has already become a greenhouse covered by the greenhouse gases. There’s no way out of the heat wave to the space.

Moreover, people around the world have been gathering excessive volume of digital data up to the extreme level, which can be called “Tsunami of Data”, causing service providers to build data centers to accommodate and store such data. Scientific evidence shows that each data center consumes electric power equal to the volume needed for one small city. In 2010, total data centers across the world consumed electric power approximately 1% of overall production and it is estimated that in 2030, these data centers will consume up to 50% of global electricity production, creating massive volume of carbon dioxide.


The above explanations are only parts of the problem known to date. However, there is another channel the internet and telecommunication system negatively affects the global climate, that is, through ‘microwave’, which is used for data transmission between computers and communication devices. The microwave causes extreme friction of the energy in the atmospheric layers, especially with the molecules of water in the air. Being affected by this process and surrounded by greenhouse gases, the Earth has literally become “a huge microwave oven”.

Looking through energy perspective, global warming actually results from distortion in global energy currents. Humans create electromagnetic field and various kinds of electromagnetic waves which interfere with the Earth’s natural energy field and atmosphere. Considering this situation unbiasedly, wouldn’t such energy waves affect the Earth’s energy field to some extent?

There are two sides to every coin. If the world population are directed to see only one side that the internet and digital data do not have negative effects to the world’s environment significantly, they will lack consideration and responsibility to adjust their usual habit in using the technology until it’s too late. Finally, the consequence will be the same as ‘plastic’ of which danger has been realized not so long ago.


Scientists have concluded that even though we can reduce plastic use and carbon dioxide emission in the next one or two years to a certain degree, the global temperature will still continue to rise and exceed the suitable level for living things on Earth to survive. Therefore, the original solutions to solve global warming problem are no longer effective and do not tackle the real accelerators, leading to an inevitably more severe climate crisis.

Deleting Useless Digital Data

can Save Climate Crisis

Master Acharavadee Wongsakon,

KBO Earth Founder & President

This is why KBO Earth is campaigning to relieve the global warming crisis in every way.In addition to the campaigns by all international organizations in reducing the use of energy that releases carbon dioxide and the use of plastic which are correct measures and need strong cooperation from all nations and parties, KBO Earth is urging to deal with the main culprits of the crisis; the overuse of internet and accumulation of digital data through following solutions:

  • Urgently delete all useless digital data such as email spam, unused photos in mobile phones alongside systematically organize methods in digital data collection.

  • Reduce the internet usage and use it with discipline and in good balance for work and leisure time.

  • Help plant trees and increase reforestation to reduce carbon dioxide.

  • Encourage the world population to go offline for four hours from 6.00 a.m. to 10.00 a.m. every Sunday morning as “Four Hours of No Wi-Fi”. This will help free the global energy field from electromagnetic wave generated from the internet.

KBO Earth is also working on further in-depth researches on this matter which will bean explicit study to provide public with more understanding in this problem.We are also reaching out organizations both domestically and internationally, to seek their collaborations in this campaign. As an organization, the collaboration can be applied by setting up policies, measures and regulations in using digital data and the internet responsibly for your staff and customers; and by communicating the information and providing proper knowledge for them to delete useless digital data and to reduce unnecessary use of the internet. This will help heal the world effectively and will improve the climate quality for the next generations to live their lives with hopes.

It’s now time for the world to urgently collaborate on this issue as this is the last call for us to help protect the world from catastrophic disasters caused by global warming. We need to act now before it’s too late.